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Artistic research in world music in the spotlight

An audiovisual event with live music curated by Rachel Beckles Willson, Professor in Intercultural Performing Arts at Codarts. An inspiring journey into the world of artistic research into world music!

Artistic research in world music in the spotlight

On Friday 9 February, Codarts Research organised 'A Celebration of Artistic Research in World Music', led by Professor Rachel Beckles Willson. During this special audiovisual event, which took place at our venue WMDC, six Codarts researchers shared their work on intercultural traditions - from Argentina and India to West Asia - and showed how this is connected to their musical practice.

'A Celebration of Artistic Research in World Music' was more than an exploration - it was a showcase of the vibrant tapestry of artistic research within the Codarts community. We celebrated the creativity and research into world music at Codarts and gave a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the diverse international team. World music research serves as a bridge to a more intercultural, pluralistic society. It allows us to gain deeper insight into the meaning and context behind the music and cultures we work with. Therefore, this event aimed to share the recent publications of our Codarts researchers and show how this research directly affects their music practice.

We welcomed interested Codarts students and staff, as well as guests from outside Codarts who were interested in the topic.

More information about the programme can be found here.