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The Friends Foundation, founded in 1980 by Lionsclub City of Rotterdam, believes that arts education in general and Codarts with all its talented students in particular deserve support. Since mid-2023, the Corrie Hartong Dance Fund has merged into the Friends Foundation.

Support talent

Codarts - Support talent

Investing in the future

To invest in extraordinary talents at an institute for art education means to realise the highest possible return on investment within the arts. For you as well. After all, by financially supporting an art student, you directly contribute to the development - and therefore to the future - of one artist in particular and of the arts in general. As a Friend of Codarts, you also have the opportunity to see or hear excellent music, dance and circus talents at work during performances or concerts, and to follow them on their way to realising their ultimate dream.

International university

The history of music and dance education at Codarts goes back to the 1930s ('Rotterdam Conservatory' and 'Rotterdam Dance Academy'); the circus course was the first of its kind in the Netherlands in 2006. Codarts has a very good reputation in the Netherlands and abroad; people from all over the world find their way to Rotterdam to develop their talents here. The university earned this reputation by providing top quality education in a wide range of study programmes.

There is no other institute worldwide with such a wide diversity of musical genres, from classical to pop and from Latin music to Argentine Tango. In the field of contemporary dance, Codarts is a leader in Europe. And although still at the beginning of their careers, several alumni of the circus course have already worked with the biggest international companies.

Codarts is firmly rooted in Rotterdam. The university participates in numerous urban partnerships in the field of education and culture. And students and former students perform on all stages in the city.


Corrie Hartong Stipendium

In 2023, the Corrie Hartong Fund will be part of the Friends and stipends will be awarded from this foundation to Dance. They can apply for these.


Corrie Hartong
Corrie Hartong (1906-1991), one of the first dance pioneers in the Netherlands, was a passionate dancer, choreographer and teacher. She initiated professional dance education in the Netherlands and was the founder of the Rotterdam Dance Academy (in 1931). From her bequest, Stichting Corrie Hartong Fonds (also known as 'Dansfonds Corrie Hartong') was established in 1992. The fund wanted to keep the memory of this remarkable woman alive by contributing to the development of dance, in particular by financially supporting dance students at Codarts Rotterdam. This initiative has been continued by the Friends of Codarts Foundation since 2023.


Financial support

After completing their propaedeutic year, students can apply for a financial contribution from the Friends of Codarts Foundation for, for example, the realisation of a promising dance project, a course, an internship or a continuation study abroad. Financial support from the fund is always supplemented by funding from other sources.


Friends Foundation of Codarts

The Friends Foundation of Codarts is a cultural ANBI*. Its aim is to support Codarts students of all study programmes through, for example by financially facilitating master classes and special music, dance and circus productions, as well as making rewards available for extraordinary artistic achievements and financially supporting outstanding talents who would otherwise be unable to continue their studies.

The Friends of Codarts Foundation also makes structural financial contributions to:

  • Stipendia (grants for just graduated excellent students for the benefit of, for example, a follow-up study);
  • Annual competition: Erasmus Jazz Prize.


Would you like to become a Friend and support Codarts students?

If so, please contact Friends officer Inge van den Berg, -email address: We warmly welcome you!

The board of the Friends of Codarts Foundation consists of:

  • Lex van Deudekom, chairman
  • Luc Beurskens, treasurer
  • Patrick Cramers, board member
  • Monica van Steen, board member
  • Eric van Abbe, board member

The directors are unpaid.


What can you expect from us in return?

Option 1: Friend of Codarts (€ 50 per year)

  • Free admission to concerts and performances at the three Codarts venues (Kruisplein 26, WMDC, Fenix I).
  • Information about Codarts activities.


Option 2: Friend of Codarts plus Partner (€ 70 per year)
Same as option 1 with two people.


Option 3: Generous Friend (€ 200 per year)
Idem option 1 plus:

  • Free admission to two Codarts performances per school year/season in the Doelen.


Option 4: Royale Friend plus Partner (€ 250 per year)
Idem option 3 with two people.


Gifts and legacies

Donations and legacies are most welcome. Contributions are fully used to support the students. Arrangements can be made for this purpose where specific wishes can be taken into account.

* ANBI = Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (General Beneficial Institution). A gift to an ANBI can be deducted from your tax return under certain conditions; a gift to a cultural ANBI gives you an extra deduction.

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