Contract lessons

Contract music lessons

Contract lessons at Codarts offer a very limited number of applicants the opportunity to take lessons outside the regular curriculum. You must have the intention to follow a bachelor's or master's programme at Codarts after the contract lessons. The admission procedure and deadline for registration are the same as for regular bachelor's/master's applicants. When registering, you submit a request for the desired (main) subject, the desired teacher, and the number of lessons you want to take. An admissions committee provides management advice about your admissibility. Positive advice does not automatically mean that management can place you. Actual placement depends, among other things, on the space in the teacher’s schedule and the availability of a classroom. In principle, you cannot take contract lessons for longer than one year.

Costs 2023-2024 (Costs 2024-2025 TBA)

€55.00 audition costs

€125.00 per individual lesson (with a mandatory minimum of 10 lessons)

€30.00 per group lesson (no minimum, but only in combination with individual lessons)

€465.00 facility card (room booking, use of the media library, use of Codarts materials)

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You will not receive a diploma after completing the contract lessons.