Contract lessons

Contract lessons at Codarts give a limited amount of students the possibility to follow a minimum of 10 main subject lessons with one of our teachers. The admission procedure as well as the deadline to register for an audition are the same as for the regular students. When you apply, please make sure to mention the main subject(s) you would like to do, (a preference of) your teacher and the amount of lessons. After your entrance exam, a committee advises the management about your admissibility. A positive advice does not necessarily mean that the management can admit you to take contract lessons at Codarts. Definite admission depends on, among other things, the teacher’s availability and sufficient availability of class rooms. Contract lessons can only be purchased for a maximum duration of one year.

Costs 2022-2023

  • € 120 per hour, individual lessons
  • € 25 per hour, group lessons
  • € 52 audition

In order to apply, please contact

Please note: after concluding the contract lessons, you don’t receive a diploma.