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Meet the team around the artist: mental coach

"We teach and train mental skills to students and we provide individual support to students with (light) mental problems that interfere with their education." Shape Read more

Week of the International Student

This week (12-18 November 2018) is the Week of the International Student. They are eager to learn and enthusiastic, which benefits the quality of education, and certainly the atmosphere. They not only broaden their own horizon, they do the same for others. Some remain in the Netherlands and open diplomatic doors. At Codarts a lot of international students  are studying and we are showing that this week. Shape Read more

Big hall WMDC officially renamed Jan Laurens Hartong Hall

On Monday 5 November 2018, the Great Hall of the WMDC will be officially renamed Jan Laurens Hartong Hall. It will be a special evening with live music, including Nueva Manteca, and several speakers. A memorial plaque is also being unveiled. Jan Laurens Hartong (Amersfoort, 5 November 1941) died on 1 May 2016 in Rotterdam. He was 74 years old. Jan Laurens was an icon inside and outside of Codarts. An enthusiastic musician and an involved teacher, who has been decisive for the face of Codarts. Shape Read more
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