Are you planning to apply for one of our bachelor's programmes? Here is an overview.

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Codarts - Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher

Dance! You love nothing more. To share that passion with others in a professional setting, in four years you will develop yourself as a dance teacher.
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Codarts - Music Teacher

Music Teacher

Do you want to share your enthusiasm for music with others?
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Codarts - Circus


You want to reach the top of circus. You are looking for an inspiring, international setting to bring out your talent as a performer and to develop your authentic and artistic identity.
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Codarts - Dance


We at Codarts Dance aim to train talents to become top level contemporary dance artists.
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Codarts - Music Theatre

Music Theatre

Codarts Music Theatre focuses on the combination of theatre, dance and music.
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Codarts - Classical Music

Classical Music

You want the get the best out of yourself and claim your own position in tomorrow’s music world. You’re looking for an inspiring, international environment in which you may develop your own voice.
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Codarts - Jazz


Codarts Jazz is the study programme which trains students to be technically strong and creative jazz musicians, in four years. As a student, you delve into the rich jazz tradition and you learn how to improvise a great deal.
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Codarts - Pop


Bring out that original pop musician, creator, performer or producer that’s hidden inside you. Find your own musical identity by exploring and experimenting.
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Codarts - World Music

World Music

World famous and experienced musicians as your teachers, specializations that are offered nowhere else, that is what Codarts World Music is all about.
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Codarts - RASL Dual Degree

RASL Dual Degree

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