Research and Development

Codarts believes that research benefits artistic development, artistic practice and art education. That is why research is used to improve and further develop education. In addition, students and teachers also participate in research programmes.

Research and Development

Codarts - Research and Development

In 2018, this research project (entitled Fit to Perform) won the RAAK award, an initiative of the National Regieorgaan Praktijkgericht Onderzoek SIA.

The SLM was developed in collaboration with the Student Life department and students and teachers of Codarts. Almost all education departments have included the SLM in their study programme. The SLM is being used since 2016.


The SLM is a research tool aimed at improving the physical and mental health of performing artists and preventing potential health problems such as injuries and mental health issues. You can use this tool to monitor your own physical and mental health.


The SLM consists of an online intake and monthly questionnaires to measure various health behaviours, such as sleep and stress.
You get access to a personal (online) profile that displays real-time information about your own physical and mental health and includes tips for improvement. In addition, if necessary, you will be referred for counselling or short-term treatment to a Performing Arts Health Centre specialist of Student Life or to the external medical network.

Enhancing study programmes with data

The data collected with the SLM is analysed (anonymously) and fed back to the education departments at group level to achieve improvement of the study programme. The information is also used to develop effective interventions to optimise students' physical and mental health in relation to their performance and/or teaching skills.


For sharing this data, explicit consent is requested from the student by means of an informed consent form, after a verbal explanation. The test protocol of the Student Life Monitor has been approved by the Medical Ethical Review Committee of Erasmus MC.