If you choose to study Cello at Codarts, you will be joining cello students who, coached by a highly qualified team of teachers, work together a lot to learn from each other as much as possible. Your life will change as you will be making music full-time in a company of international students and highly qualified teachers.


Why study Cello at Codarts?

The Cello class was founded forty years ago by Herre-Jan Stegenga (he still gives workshops). We build on the tradition of his work, albeit with a continuously renewed signature.

Because students and teachers play music together a lot and work together often, the Cello class has a positive and constructive atmosphere. We like learning from each other, and we work hard and from the heart. As a group, we are active in, for example, students’ concerts: monthly concerts in which everyone plays, whether a beginning Bachelor or almost graduated Master student.

Craft is and remains the foundation of your profession: virtuoso proficiency in playing your instrument and having the courage to play it.
Not without importance: at Codarts we have lots of materials you can use. For instance, there are historical instruments or accessories at your disposal.

Codarts has a signature of its own. We value an open attitude with room for everyone’s experiments. During your Master’s, research takes centre stage. You explore other styles, for example Tango, and make crossovers with other disciplines at Codarts. This Codarts signature is also reflected in the Cello class.

We take a holistic view of your study career: we are also concerned with your broader development as a musician and your growth as a human being.



The combined expertise of the teachers (see below) guarantees a broad package of knowledge, inspiration and guidance. The goal is to truly live the profession and become fully familiar with your own sound. As craftsmanship is so important, you do technical exercises and work on orchestral parts. You will study sonatas and concerts, and of course Bach’s cello suites, the mother tongue of cello music. Sometimes we plan cello ensembles in a free hour, so that students can meet each other. During master classes you will receive feedback on your development.

During your Master’s you engage in artistic research. You have a lot of freedom in choosing your subject, as it is tailor-made. In combination with playing together, the result is a highly personal profile.

Starting in the second year, we work on larger pieces and train for auditions you want to do. Competition is fierce and quality is high. We therefore also pay attention to mental aspects. For example, we help you in planning study time and how to deal with pressure.

We monitor your growth process so that we can fine-tune our coaching to your needs. This makes coaching very individual and personal. It is important that you enjoy what you are doing; that you like playing your instrument as well as becoming better at it.



  • Joachim Eijlander - Main subject teacher cello, section representative cello
  • Jeroen den Herder - Main subject teacher cello
  • Herre-Jan Stegenga - Masterclass teacher cello
  • Job ter Haar - Research coach, baroque cello, cello in tango music
  • Roger Regter - Orchestral studies


Admission requirements

Check here on the admission page which steps you need to take and which admission requirements you need to meet.
You can find the admission requirements of Classical Cello here.



Interested? Mail your questions to cello@codarts.nl.