Brass instruments

Studying the trumpet, French horn, trombone, bass trombone or tuba at Codarts Classical Music is a choice for a place where quality originates – we have a tradition of excellent alumni. The atmosphere here is open and all are equal. At Codarts we really challenge you to make your personal mark. The world is at your feet and you set the course. This is where musicians become artists.


Why study Brass Instruments at Codarts?

Our team of teachers is varied and consists of people who are broadly represented in renowned national and international orchestras. We are a close-knit team of both very experienced and still up-and-coming musicians. We often work together in projects, in which we show respect for each other’s quality. Therefore, we teach like we would be playing together.

For years already a well-known entity both inside and outside Codarts is the Codarts Brass Ensemble with its very own recognisable sound. Many a young talent who is now enjoying a splendid career grew up with this brass ensemble. For example, trombone players Jörgen van Rijen, Brandt Attema and Alexander Verbeek, trumpet players André Heuvelman and Jeroen Schippers, horn player Laurens Otto and tuba player Bernd van Echelpoel.

Some special projects:

  • Brass in stereo with music by Gabrieli and contemporaries, under direction of Jeroen Schippers.
  • Grusse aus Bohemen under direction of Herman Engelbertinck.
  • Sparkling Brass under direction of Steven Verhelst, with special compositions by Steven Verhelst himself.
  • The performance on the occasion of the official opening of the Codarts location Kruisplein in 2000, in the presence of her Majesty Queen Beatrix.
  • The many concerts in and around Rotterdam under direction of Hendrik-Jan Renes.



The Brass department has some thirty students. They are not only trained technically and musically to become top musicians - both in orchestras and as solo performers - but much attention is also given to innovation and cultural entrepreneurship. As a student you will work on the question of how to bring your specific creations to the attention of various audiences. We train our students to become broadly oriented entrepreneurs.

You take subjects such as brass ensemble and improvisation lessons, and others. You also participate in students’ concerts and activities in the lively city of Rotterdam. You visit an instrument builder and demonstrate what you’re capable of in mock-up auditions.

We think it’s important for you to develop yourself as a person during your studies. This is why we work on your basis and your development with care, also by using the facilities of the Student Life programme at Codarts. Student Life offers you the opportunity to acquire the right knowledge, skills and handles to help you shape your personal development and get the most out of your talent. The award-winning Student Life programme applies an integral approach of education, support, and research.



  • André Heuvelman - Main subject teacher trumpet, Section representative brass instruments
  • Jeroen Schippers - Main subject teacher trumpet
  • Marco Blaauw - Permanent guest teacher trumpet
  • Floris Onstwedder - Permanent guest teacher trumpet
  • Manu Mellaerts - Permanent guest teacher trumpet
  • Martin van de Merwe - Main subject teacher French horn
  • Laurens Otto - Main subject teacher French horn
  • Alexander Verbeek - Main subject teacher trombone
  • Hendrik-Jan Renes - Main subject teacher tuba


Admission requirements

Click here to see the admission page and the admission requirements you have to meet.
You can find the admission requirements for the department Classical Brass here: trumpet, horn, bass trombone, trombone and tuba.



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