Admission requirements French horn


  • Suifficent affinity with the instrument and its repertoire
  • Sufficient possibilities for developments
  • Show of sufficient drive to study and enthusiasm for music and instrument


French Horn

The practical exam consists of the following elements: 

  • 3 etudes of different character, for example: 
    Kopprasch - 1st book  
    Oscar Franz  
    Maxime-Alphonse - 1st or 2nd book 
    Karl Stary -  1st book 
  • 2  recital pieces, for instance: 
    Mozart - Concert nr. 3  
    Glazounov - Rêverie  
    L. Cherubini - 1st Sonata


For all suggestions counts: other pieces of equal or more advanced level can be used. The judgement of the practical part of the audition will be influenced by the following elements as well:  

  • Already followed musical education 
  • Prognosis for developing 
  • Professional perspective 
  • Technical realization 
  • Musical expression 

Also the coherence between those elements is of essential importance. The not (yet) (perfect) ability to perform the pieces of the above list is not a reason to not do an audition!