Toelatingseisen Jazz basgitaar master

In order to be eligible for the MA program jazz bass guitar you should have good command over your instrument. This would include:

  • good timing and tempo
  • a good sound and versatility in sound
  • a good command of improvisation, in solo as well as in accompaniment
  • the ability to improvise on harmony such as repertoire from the American Songbook as well as more complex harmonic structures
  • play different styles that are associated with bass guitar
  • the ability to lead a band and have a basic understanding of arranging and instrumentation of an ensemble

We look at all these elements based on your performance with a group. Should we want to look at some specific skills, we can ask you to do some more small tests. These could include ear training, reading, tempo, etc.

Most important is that you show us what you think you are really good at!