Brand New Jazz Festival

Ze gaan tot het uiterste om het beste uit zichzelf te halen. Dagen zichzelf elke dag weer uit, zoeken de grenzen van muziek en overschrijden ze. De jazzstudenten van Codarts ontdekken, vernieuwen en verrassen. Dit zijn dé ingrediënten voor het Brand New Jazz Festival, het podium voor derdejaarsstudenten die hier hun eigen werk presenteren.

Brand New Jazz Festival: verwacht het onverwachte

Codarts leidt talentvolle jazzmuzikanten op tot professionals met een eigen stijl. Een stijl die ze ontwikkelen tijdens hun studie en die ze vinden door te experimenteren, improviseren en samen te creëren. Gedurende het derde jaar van hun studie werken zij in een zelf samengestelde formatie aan een eigen repertoire. Tijdens het Brand New Jazz Festival presenteren de derdejaarsstudenten hun werk.

Waar muziekgrenzen vervagen, ontstaat een verrassende variëteit

Verwacht een zeer gevarieerd en uniek muziekspektakel. Van elektronische jazz tot fusion en van bebop tot vernieuwende crossovers met andere muziekstijlen. Grenzen vervagen en dat leidt tot grote verrassingen. Verwacht het onverwachte.

Gratis Entree!


  • Dag 1 - 27 mei 2024

    Zaal Rood

    19:30 – 19:50 Lukas Kuipers

    Lukas Kuipers - Guitar | Christopher Rijckaert - Drums
    Eljo Hendrosuseno - Bass | Jonas Nieuwejaers - Trumpet
    Jernej Bregar - Tenor Sax

    We are a UK style guitar and horns quintet. The core of our music is modern jazz harmony with a hiphop groove, expanded upon with influences from electronic and psychedelic music. In his compositions, Lukas draws inspiration form musicians such as Alfa Mist and Mansur Brown, as well as producers such as Kaytranada and Ark Patrol.

    20:30 – 20:50 Eñaut Armentia Uribe

    Eñaut Armentia - base | Femke Mooren - alto sax | Rafarel Slors - drumsGabo Vos - piano | Mart Van der Stelt - guitar

    Influenced by contemporary jazz artists such as Immanuel Wilkins and Joel Ross (among many others), this band it's creating its own repertoire, which contain strong melodies and modern sound.

    21:30 – 21:50 Nena

    Kasyfi Kalyasyena | Piano - Django | Drums - Johnnie Elza | Double bass

    This project lead by Nena is about finding ways to blend your voice like an instrument. Inspired by different music styles and artists such as Shai Maestro, Tatiana Parra and Gretchen Parlato, we found a way to arrange some existing tunes and make it our own. Half of the set will be played in a piano vocal duo, with Kasyfi on the piano, and the other half with a wonderful band.

    22:30 – 22:50 Ionut Focsa Quartet

    Ionut Focsa - Tenor Saxophone, Daniel Bulatkin- Organ, Yiannis Mitsios - Guitar, Laurens Buis – Drums

    The Ionut Focsa Quartet aims to channel the electrifying sound of hard bop and soul jazz, reminiscent of the late '50s and early '60s. Striving for authenticity, we aim to put new life into the cherished standards of that golden age, while seamlessly weaving in our own original compositions. At the heart of our sound lies the soulful resonance of the Hammond organ, through which the timeless timbres of Richard Holmes and Jimmy Smith strongly echo.

    Zaal Blauw

    20:00 – 20:20 Paul Tintelnot Quartet

    Paul Tintelnot, piano | Niccolò Dainelli, tenor saxophone | Léo Debroise, double bass | Rita Brancato, drums

    The Paul Tintelnot Quartet presents heavy swinging music with a modern edge. Their original compositions are defined by soulful melodies, intricate grooves and intense improvisation. Drawing inspiration from artists like Joshua Redman and Kenny Garrett, their music focusses on a blend of blues and bebop with contemporary jazz elements.

    21:00 – 21:20 Van Noten Quartet

    Gabo Vos, Piano - Eddie Doreste, Saxophone - Sulav Maharzan, Double Bass - Joppe Van Noten, (Jazz) Drums.

    Modern Jazz based music

    22:00 – 22:20 Lampert/Bregar Quintet

    Jakob Lampert, trumpet. Jernej Bregar, tenor saxophone. Jakob Sedmak,piano. Sulav Maharzan, double bass. Joppe van Noten, drums.

    The Lampert/Bregar quintet is a new, young international jazz group based in Rotterdam led by austrian trumpet player Jakob Lampert and slovenian tenor saxophone player Jernej Bregar, consisting of pianist Jakob Sedmak, double bassist Sulav Maharzan and Drummer Joppe van Noten all of which play in various exciting jazz groups in the Netherlands.  The group’s repertoire consists of modern original compositions by Jakob Lampert and Jernej Bregar.  This band is based on that everyone has their own unique style and background. They listen and play different music, also outside the jazz realm but all have a deep love and passion to play and improvise music together.

    23:00 – 23:20 Anne Roos Broekhuizen

    Anne-Roos Broekhuizen -Vocalist | Dries Verheesen - Drums
    Marcos Sanchez - Double bass | Pablo Rizo- Piano | Lara Dovier - Backing vocal | Nena Jeltema - Backing Vocal | Maïmouna Rachels -Backing Vocal | Jakob Lampert - Flugelhorn | Mart van der Stelt - Guitar

    Anne-Roos is a vocalist currently based in Rotterdam. With her music she hopes to inspire the audience by means of her melancholic lyrics and warm sound. In addition, the harmonies of the backing vocalist will bring together the atmosphere of this project. Inspired by big artists like Samara Joy, Yebba and Lianne La Havas, you’ll hear different genres being brought together like jazz, soul and pop.



  • Dag 2 - 28 mei 2024

    Zaal Blauw

    19:30 – 19:50 Lara Dovier

    Lara Dovier - Main Vocals | Siebe Herks - Keys | Hugo Kurstjens - Electric/Synth Bass | Wannes Op de Beeck - Acoustic/SPD drums Femke Mooren - Saxophone | Eline Vaarzon Morel - Backing Vocals Anne-Roos Broekhuizen - Backing Vocals | Nena Jeltema - Backing Vocals

    The LARA DOVIER project is based on discovering soundscape and electronic sounds that take you on an experimental dark pop journey. The main singer and leader of the band (Lara Dovier) wrote all the songs. The thing that makes them special is the distinguished and specific genre and use of dark sound effects in the songs.

    20:30 – 20:50 Vitan Logar en Jakob Sedmak

    Jakob Sedmak - piano | Vitan Logar - drums
    Bo-zun Zhang - double bass
    Jernej Bregar - tenor saxophone
    Jakob Lampert - trumpet

    We are a modern jazz trio with inspiration drawn from musicians like Shai Maestro, Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau amongst many others. We strive for long storytelling compositions with a few twists that make your mind wander to different places, wherever it wants to go and however you want to feel.

    21:30 – 21:50 Maïmouna

    Maïmouna Rachels - vocals | Pablo Rizo - piano | Eva Serrano - double bass | Rafaël Slors - drums

    This band is being led by Maïmouna with the intention of pushing the boundaries of vocals in an instrumental setting. The compositions being played go from free improvisation to jazz touched by West-African rhythms and makes use of several languages that Maïmouna has a personal connection with.

    22:30 – 22:50 George Hytiroglou Quintet

    George Hytiroglou Guitar | Jernej Bregar tenor and soprano saxophone | Jakob Lampert Trumpet  Vishal Singh Bass | Vitan Logar Drums

    The George Hytiroglou quintet will be presenting all new originals with a modern approach. With a grooving rhythm section and two horn players whose sounds blend perfectly, the quintet is thrilled to present their new material. Showcasing the guitar with an active role in the rhythm section, and inspired by the horn harmonies in Wayne Shorter’s and Herbie Hancock’s compositions, they will be performing George’s own tunes that he composed during the past year..


    Zaal Rood

    20:00 – 20:20 Jan Honnef

    Joppe van Noten-  Drums | Maximo Francisco - Piano |
    Jan Honnef - Bass

    We play songs from an album that we recorded in 2024. The album is a concept album with its basic genre "jazz".

    21:00 – 21:20 Jef Lapauw Quartet

    Lukas Hendrik; Guitar | Sebastiaan West; Piano | Vishal Singh; Double Bass | Jef Lapauw; Drums

    Embark on an enchanting journey through the evocative sounds of the Jef Lapauw Quartet. Infusing elements of Scandinavian jazz and classical music, this quartet crafts an atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation. Immerse yourself in their serene melodies and subtle harmonies, and explore the boundless beauty of their musical landscape.

    22:00 – 22:20 Fran/Jernej/Django/Sulav

    Double bass, drums, piano, saxophone/clarinet, vocals/clarinet

    Fransisco Rodriguez - Piano | Jernej Bregar - Tenor/Soprano | Django - Drums | Sulav Maharzan - Bass