Brand New Jazz Festival

They go to extremes to bring out the best in themselves. They challenge themselves over and over again, looking for the boundaries of music and transgressing them. The jazz students at Codarts explore, innovate, and surprise. These are the ingredients of the Brand New Jazz Festival, the stage on which third-year students present their own work.

Brand New Jazz Festival: Expect the Unexpected 

Codarts trains talented jazz musicians to become professionals with a personal style. A style they develop during their studies and which they discover by experimenting, improvising, and creating together. During the third year they work on an individual repertoire in a formation of their own choice. At the Brand New Jazz Festival these third-year students showcase their work.

Where music borders are dissolved, a suprising variety emerges 

Expect a highly varied, unique music spectacle. From electronic jazz to fusion and from bebop to innovative crossovers with other music styles. Borders are dissolving and that brings huge surprises. Expect the unexpected.