Team Around the Artist: Sandra Buijing

“It takes a village to raise a child”, as the saying goes. The same is true for the development of professional talent within the performing arts. Student Life, the student support programme of Codarts, advocates a ‘Team Around the Artist’ approach, meaning that the student is at the centre and is supported by a team of leading health practitioners, teachers, study coaches, embedded scientists and support staff. One of our team member is our sports dietitian, Sandra Buijing. Get to know  Sandra a little bit better through this short interview! 

What is your role as a dietitian at Codarts?
“Most of my time goes to helping students individually with questions and problems related to nutrition and performance. Beside this I do the body composition measurement during the medical screening twice a year. I teach nutrition classes at Circus and help with the ‘So you think you can cook’ workshops. I am also part of the ‘Here to help group’.  With this team (mental coach, physiotherapist and dietitian) we support students with eating disorders, but also little imbalances that affect health and performance.”

For what problems/questions can students contact you?
“All questions about nutrition are welcome. A lot of students come to me to check if they eat everything they need for the intensive programme at Codarts. Other questions/problems can be: My vitamin D/B12/Iron is low, what can I do? I know I could eat better, but I don’t have much time for shopping and cooking with a busy schedule, what are easy solutions to improve my food intake? I would like to gain weight, but I’m already eating a lot, what can I do? I would like to lose a bit of weight/get my fat percentage down but I want to keep the energy I need for dancing/exercise, how do I do this? Also, students with complaints regarding their digestive track, such as heartburn, bloated belly, diarrhoea and constipation come and see me.”

How can students make an appointment with you?
“Go to STIP to make an appointment or email me:”

How long have you worked at Codarts and what did you do before you started working as a dietitian?
“I work at Codarts since November 2014, so almost eight years now. I graduated from university of applied sciences (HBO) voeding & dietetiek (nutrition and dietetics) in 2008 and since then I’ve been working as a sports dietitian at Invorm ( I work with all kinds of athletes individually or in groups (sports like: running, cycling, rowing, swimming, basketball, volleyball, baseball, speed skating, archery, tennis, etc.) and I teach a sport nutrition course at AALO for personal trainers.”

What do you enjoy most about your work at Codarts?
“The contact with students. The best moment of the day is during appointments with students when we find easy solutions for their questions/problems that they can try right away. And I appreciate the open, honest, vulnerable conversations I have with students a lot!”

What would you consider the most important skill or knowledge that a student should learn or take from their studies at Codarts?
“Take good care of yourself, listen to what your body needs (rest, food, sleep, etc.). No one else can do this for you. It will help you a lot at Codarts and during your career.