Housing tips from students

The following list is a ranked evaluation of last year's students who have found housing and wanted to share their experience.

  1. Come to Rotterdam as soon as possible for in-person searching and networking with established students from Codarts. This is vital for success in the challenging housing situation.
    "The element that really made the difference was coming to Rotterdam and making as many visits as possible... I could choose between 3 apartments."
  2. Be diligent in researching Facebook groups but beware of frauds. Check your phone, email, or page regularly. Establish connections with fellow students from the list and create a WhatsApp group.
    "Kamernet and Facebook were essential. I also created a WhatsApp group with other students in the same situation as me which helped me a lot."
  3. Use Kamernet, a paid service, and activate phone notifications. It provides various results matching your search. Quick response time is crucial.
    "Kamernet was the website I've used... I suggest sending messages really fast as the advertisements are presented... your message has to stand out."
  4. Write personalized messages in Dutch and English to stand out. Present yourself positively, emphasizing what you bring to the living situation.
    "I had written a pre-set message in both Dutch and English and a little presentation of me to be able to make a difference."
  5. Focus on finding rooms rather than apartments. Apartments often require proof of income, making it more challenging for international students.
    "To focus on finding rooms and not apartments helped a lot. It seemed to me to be a more difficult option for international students."
  6. Consider online viewings but show availability for in-person visits. Landlords value responsible and interested tenants who fit well with other occupants.
    "I did all my viewings online, but I consider it important to show yourself available to do viewings in Rotterdam... They seemed to be looking for someone responsible, interested, and that fits the energy of the other tenants."

Key student experiences:

  1. "I found my place on Kamernet... One being a girl who was going to leave her room for a month and did not think anybody would take it. She let me sublet it with a considerable discount."
  2. "Kamernet and Facebook groups were essential for finding housing."
    "I registered myself via Facebook to different groups... My search was about 2 months on this website and eventually my perfect room popped up."
  3. "Creating a WhatsApp group with fellow students greatly helped."
    "I found my room on Kamernet... I could meet my roomies in real life."
  4. "Personalized messages and presentations made a difference."
    "I had written a pre-set message in both Dutch and English and a little presentation of me to be able to make a difference."
  5. "Email alerts on housing websites were crucial for timely responses."
    "I did set an email alert for new apartments... Without that, I feel like it's impossible to find something there."
  6. "Engaging with students who have stable situations can be beneficial."
    "The tip is basically to get in contact with students who already have a stable situation... They are mostly keen to help, even lending couches and turning living rooms into improvised bedrooms."
  7. "Be cautious on Facebook and explore housing options across the city."
    "Before renting my accommodation, some friends advised me to look for a flat through Facebook... Just in case, you always must be incredibly careful on Facebook. Never sign a contract without seeing the room in person."

Follow these tips, as shared by successful students in Rotterdam, to navigate the challenging housing situation successfully.

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