Language requirement

Dutch programmes

If you have a previous non-Dutch education and are planning to enrol for a Dutch-language programme, you will be required to pass the NT2-II state examination and send in your proof before 15 August, before the start of your studies. Registering for the exam is arranged via DUO. You need to arrange this yourself on time.

English-language programmes

To take part in an English-language bachelor's programme at Codarts, you must be in possession of an IELTS certificate (Academic level 5.5), a comparable TOEFL certificate or a comparable Cambridge FCE-C certificate. For an enrolment in a master's programme, you must hold at least an IELTS certificate (Academic level 6.0) or one of the above comparable certificates. If you cannot present a valid certificate or if you do not have an exemption, you must take part in the English test at Codarts.

The students below receive exemption from the English language requirement:

The student

  1. who has had prior training in the English language and has:
    • The European Baccalaureate with English as language of instruction and a pass mark for English;
    • the International Baccalaureate with English as the language of instruction and a pass mark in English;
  2. who have completed a secondary or tertiary education (and obtained their diploma) in a country in which English is the official language of instruction (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States);
  3. with a with a secondary school diploma (sufficient to enter a higher vocational education programme and a pass mark for the final exam subject English) from one of the following countries: Belgium (Flanders only), Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden.
  4. who have obtained a mbo- level 4, havo or vwo diploma in the Netherlands.

Please note: Codarts' ASC assesses whether the diploma obtained is sufficient to be exempted from the language requirement.