Codarts Rotterdam

Visitations Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education successful

On Thursday 16 and Friday 17 June 2022, the Music and Music in Education Bachelor’s programmes of Codarts were inspected.

Visitations Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Education successful

After studying the earlier submitted position papers and examinations, the visitation panels have spoken during these days with (delegations of) board and management, students, teachers, alumni/work field representatives and examination board. Both programmes were also able to present themselves in the form of a showcase with various performances.

Both panels were enthusiastic about what they saw and heard and will recommend to renew the accreditations again for another six years.

The special characteristic Interdisciplinarity, which was requested for both programmes, was seen by the panels as an extremely relevant development direction with which a good start has already been made, but which still requires further sharpening and elaboration. The programmes also received very useful feedback: for both bachelors to pay extra attention to the diversity of teams of teachers and student population, for the Bachelor of Music additionally to pay attention to the scheduling, to care for the teachers (interview cycle) and to look closely at vision, culture and organizational structure in their mutual coherence.

On both days there were also explicit and heartfelt compliments for the work of the examination board.