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Codarts World Music redesign

In order to continue to meet the expectations of our students and the professional field, Codarts is redesigning its World Music programme.

Codarts World Music redesign

Since Codarts was founded in 1978, our institution has played a pioneering role. At the time, we were the first conservatoire outside the United States to offer the study programme Jazz. This initiative opened the door to a wide range of musical styles alongside the classical tradition. In 1990, pianist Jan Laurens Hartong and musicologist Joep Bor founded the World Music Academy as part of the Rotterdam Conservatoire. This has grown into the unique and diverse World Music Academy with various specialisations.

In 2024, World Music will remain a valuable and unique part of Codarts' educational portfolio. However, in view of the changing world and the evolving expectations of both professionals and students, it is time to redesign World Music. Therefore, for one year (academic year 2024-2025), Codarts will not be admitting new students to the Latin, Turkish Music and Argentinean Tango specialisations within World Music. This will allow time and space for the redesign process.

We will keep you informed of developments through this website in the coming period.