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RASL documentary premiered

On 14 May, the documentary ‘RASL: Re-Imagining Tomorrow’ premiered at Kino, Rotterdam.

RASL documentary premiered

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‘RASL: Re-Imagining Tomorrow’ is a short film (35 min) about education at the intersection of art, science and society. In the film, a ‘magical’ narrator invites us to look at reality as a composition in which multiple opinions, perspectives, social forces, cultural forces and forces of nature dance with each other; endlessly layered.

Present at the premiere were dozens of interested parties, from the education sector (from fellow art education institutions to technical universities), the cultural sector (from museums to music venues) and representatives of various civil society organisations, among others.

Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL) is a collaboration between Erasmus University Rotterdam, Willem de Kooning Academy and Codarts Rotterdam. 


RASL Summer Studio
From 20 to 24 June, RASL organises the RASL Summer Studio for the fourth time: for four days, the Summer Studio welcomes artists, academics, scientists, designers, social partners and creative minds to explore new research methods and develop collaborative practices that cross the boundaries between art and science.
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Interested in RASL?
Are you a musician, dancer, (music) theatre maker, circus performer, choreographer, educator, composer or music/dance therapist?

Do you want to respond to social issues and tensions with your arts practice and maybe even bring about positive change? 
Do you want to activate? Provoke? Speculate? And work towards a sustainable and just future?

RASL is a network of (interdisciplinary) collaborations between artists, designers, academics, and social partners.

RASL offers you education at the intersection of art and science, while also organising workshops and projects in which you are invited to experiment with new forms of research and collaboration to create positive social impact.

dreaming, thinking, sharing, researching and making - in the middle of the world