Codarts Rotterdam

Name change specialization Dance Therapy

From 1 September 2023, the name of the specialization Dance Therapy within the Master of Arts Therapies programme will change to "Dance Movement Therapy".

Name change specialization Dance Therapy

The reason for this is that the current name of the Dance Therapy specialization does not adequately reflect the specialization's content, the field and literature.  

The abbreviation Codarts now uses for Dance Therapy is DT. In the international field, the abbreviation DT is generally used for Drama Therapy. Dance Movement Therapy has always been the internationally accepted definition. The fact that the name is changing to Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is important for the department because more and more research publications are being published by staff and alumni of the programme. Clear naming in line with international usage is therefore important. 

In the past, the department chose to leave out the M of Movement in DMT to emphasize dance rather than movement. One of the reasons for this was that the programme is affiliated to Codarts' Performing Arts cluster. Times have changed and the arts-informed (strongly arts-oriented) vision is well known internationally. This is partly due to the dance therapy conference in April 2021, publications and a strong European and international network. In doing so, the department wants to highlight that, in addition to dance therapy, the students also work body-oriented with target groups in mental health care, among others.