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Music theater student Iris receives Erasmus Stipend 2022

Iris Verhoek (fourth-year Music Theatre) received the Erasmus Stipend 2022 on February 13.

Music theater student Iris receives Erasmus Stipend 2022

On Monday, February 13, the Erasmus Stipend 2022 was awarded to a promising student of Music Theater. There is a lot of diverse talent in this academic year. In the end, after extensive deliberation by the committee, it was unanimously decided to award the stipend to Iris Verhoek.

The stipend is an annual scholarship awarded on behalf of Erasmus University Rotterdam to a Music Theater student of Codarts. The scholarship, worth € 1.000 is intended to enable the student to take the next steps in the field of personal development.

Every year, the teachers of the program nominate a fourth-year student who they believe is eligible for the stipend. A committee then makes the selection from the nominated candidates.

Iris' qualities

Iris' craft skills and abilities as a vocal performer are above average, according to the committee. She masters the talent to bring together the components of vocality, musicality and theatricality in an eloquent performance. In addition, she shows the will to continuously develop herself and face new challenges. What characterizes Iris is her ability to remain vulnerable despite her unbridled ambition and professional attitude. 

The stipend is a reward for her hard work and perseverance and a great incentive to further develop her talent and create her own material.

For Iris, the stipend came as a complete surprise. She will use the money for various workshops and courses so that she can further fill her toolbox. She likes to develop broadly. Everything she learns has potential to end up in future projects.