Codarts Rotterdam

Mieke de Vos new member of the Executive Board

On Monday 1 May 2023, Mieke de Vos will start as interim member of the Executive Board of Codarts. Together with president of the board Renate Eringa, Mieke will form the new two-headed board of University of the Arts, Codarts Rotterdam. The portfolio of Mieke focuses primarily on the internal management with finance, housing, HRM, communication and compliance as important pillars.

Mieke de Vos new member of the Executive Board

Mieke de Vos is a versatile director with extensive experience in the field of development of organisations and change management. She has extensive knowledge of strategy, operations and stakeholder management. Until 1 May, Mieke was Director of Administrative and Organisational Affairs of the Dutch Media Authority. Before that, she was Director of General Affairs at law firm Allen & Overy Amsterdam. Mieke is known as communicative, energetic, decisive and accessible.

Prior to the Supervisory Board's appointment of Mieke de Vos, several interviews were conducted with college president Renate Eringa, the Executive Board team, consisting of Alex von Balluseck (head of Administrative Affairs), Denise Reijenga (head of Educational Affairs), Jack de Dreu (head of Operations), Jannie Visser (head of HR) and Janine Stubbe (head of Research), and the Participation Council. All the members have given positive approval to Mieke's appointment.

The Supervisory Board is delighted to appoint Mieke de Vos. With her extensive experience in (international) business management and passion for the arts, Mieke de Vos, together with Renate Eringa, will form the solid board the organisation needs.

"I am looking forward to new collaborations and, as a member of the Executive Board, I would like to make a positive contribution to education and operations," said Mieke de Vos.