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Julia Grace Monteiro wins the Latei encouragement award

This year's LATEI young talent incentive prize of a whopping €1000 goes to the Portuguese horn player Julia Grace Montero!

Julia Grace Monteiro wins the Latei encouragement award

At this year's annual Festival Klassiek in het Zand in Veenendaal, a special incentive prize was awarded to talented Portuguese horn player Julia Montero from the Codarts Classical Music department by Ard de Jong. This award ceremony was one of the highlights of the festival.

Julia Montero, a rising star in the classical music world, was honoured for her exceptional talent and dedication to her craft. The commission praised her virtuosity and expressiveness on stage, as well as her ability to deeply move the audience with her playing.

The festival, known for its diversity of musical genres and cultural activities, attracted a large number of visitors again this year. Klassiek in het Zand offers a stage to both established and emerging artists. With this incentive award, LATEI aims to make a lasting contribution to the development of young musicians and encourage them to pursue their dreams.