Music is a very versatile business these days and our music world is changing rapidly. Taking that into account, our violin teaching team at Codarts aims to prepare violin students in the best possible way for their professional life in today’s music world. Our violin department is characterised by an open-minded team spirit. In our teaching team, a unique spectrum of artistic expertise is combined with pedagogic experience.


Why study Violin at Codarts?

The violin department offers you a rich educational palette in order to optimally prepare you for the future career of your choice. At Codarts we teach you not merely how to play the violin, but also help you grow into the performer you want to be. Our alumni obtain positions in a broad range of orchestras and ensembles around the world.

As violin teachers we have a positive approach to the differences and unique qualities of each student. Our teaching team regularly joins forces to help each of our students reach their full potential. For instance during feedback sessions, masterclasses and joined performance classes that will help you gain the necessary stage experience and performance skills.


Teachers Violin Faculty

Eva Stegeman (faculty representative) - main subject violin and chamber music
Pavel Fischer - main subject violin and chamber music
Goran Gribajcevic - main subject violin
Gordan Nikolic - main subject violin (only master students)
Frederieke Saeijs - main subject violin
Letizia Sciarone - main subject violin
Lisanne Soeterbroek - main subject violin
Hed Yaron Meyerson - main subject violin
Mara Oosterbaan - orchestral playing



The main subject violin lessons are at the very heart of your artistic development at Codarts. Weekly individual lessons are combined with group lessons and masterclasses by renowned violinists and violin professors. You will work with an accompanist on a routine basis, also in your violin lessons.

During the academic year you can build experience in chamber music, orchestral playing, symphonic programmes, chamber orchestra projects (also without conductor), contemporary music, tango, jazz and world music. Twice a year, Codarts organises the Project Week. This is a special week in which students are offered different experiences, such as a lecture about bow making in different time periods, a workshop on Creating your own Cadenza and masterclasses with internationally renowned teachers.

Chamber music

We consider chamber music an essential part of your musical education. Building experience in playing together in a variety of different constellations is a very relevant skill - especially for us violinists and string players. Chamber music training improves your aural skills, helps to refine your instrumental technique and increases your understanding of basic music theory and analysis, thereby enabling you to develop rehearsal skills and your own unique interpretation.

Chamber music lessons are a fixed part of the Bachelor curriculum; they are optional for Master students. Per academic year you work with a different chamber group in order to build chamber music experience with a varied spectrum of instrument combinations. It is also possible to form your own ensemble.

The understanding of how each part fits into the whole is one of the essential aspects of chamber music – like for instance in a string quartet. This understanding makes you a stronger and more versatile violinist. In chamber music rehearsals, you also learn how to give and receive feedback. This provides a strong basis for being able to teach others, and eventually growing to be your own teacher.

Regular try-out classes with feedback from both teachers and fellow students help you and your ensemble to gain stage experience and learn to perform better as a group. Chamber groups will also be offered the opportunity to perform in public concerts outside Codarts. Well-known chamber musicians regularly come to Codarts to share their knowledge and experience during masterclasses, such as the renowned Quatuor Danel.
Ensembles that would like to specialise further can compete at various competitions.

Orchestral playing

Orchestral lessons offer you experience in the practicing and performing of orchestral parts. Both individually and in groups you learn how to prepare for auditions as well as how to keep a position once you have won an audition. Orchestral lessons start from Bachelor 1 and students can sign up for these lessons until Master 2.

Codarts offers a minor and an elective about professional playing and leadership for strings. Building experience in playing together in a variety of different constellations is a very relevant skill for violinists and string players. At Codarts, specialised teachers help students master orchestral playing. They also coach in building your portfolio of orchestral repertoire. We help our students prepare for auditions such as for the National Youth Orchestra, the European Union Youth Orchestra, the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra or the Academy of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra.

Student Life Programme | Performing Arts Health Centre (PAHC)

Our Performing Arts Health Centre consists of a dedicated team of health professionals with a background in performing arts or elite sports. The PAHC comprises physiotherapists, student psychologists, performance psychologist, speech therapist, dietician, performance coach and a hearing protection specialist.
Codarts offers specialised physio screening for first year string students. The aim is to increase awareness concerning healthy performance for string players. To optimise each student’s performance, the focus is on the importance of general wellbeing and the prevention of injuries related to posture and the use of the instrument.

Codarts Student Life


Admission requirements

Check here on the admission page which steps you need to take and which admission requirements you need to meet.
You can find the admission requirements of Classical Violin here.



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