Studying Piano at Codarts means that you embark on a solid and high-quality study programme. It is tailor-made; you receive a lot of personal attention. The team of highly qualified teachers guarantee an education in which the full breadth of the repertoire is treated.


Why study Piano at Codarts?

The choice for Codarts is a choice for the quality of the teachers and that of the students. Our goal is to teach you how to excellently master the profession. We also carefully coach you in developing your artistic ability. We provide you with a good starting position to work independently as a pianist. We are ambitious and provide a positive atmosphere in which everyone dares to learn.



In addition to your individual main subject lessons, we also take group lessons with all the teachers of the piano department (team teaching). In order to provide depth and specialist knowledge we invite internationally renowned pianists and teachers. You follow a versatile, varied, and dynamic learning trajectory that includes lectures, projects and workshops.

We invite our students to listen to each other at open stage events and encourage you to give feedback; this is how you help each other to progress. There are many opportunities to perform both within and outside Codarts.

In addition to the main subject lessons there are many classes to familiarise yourself with improvisation, sight reading, and transposing, as well as with the development of the piano and piano repertoire.

Lessons are given on Steinway concert grand pianos. We use the historical pianoforte to understand the style of the classical and early Romantic composers. The Spirio grand piano allows for a modern way to record your own playing and play it back.

Ensemble play is an important element of your training at Codarts. Starting in the first year, you attend the song class, where you make up a duo with a singer. In the second year, you start classes in chamber music, in which you are coached in ensembles of various compositions.

The two-year Master’s study programme focuses on your artistically distinct qualities, in addition to further developing your piano skills and expanding your repertoire. In the Master’s programme you may choose a personal profile within the repertoire, such as chamber music or a particular music style or composer. You may also choose a collaboration with one of the other departments, for example Jazz or Tango.

We take a realistic view of the professional field. In our opinion it is not just about achieving the highest concert stage, but also about learning how to know and master various roles such as teaching, doing research, or starting a business.



  • Nino Gvetadze - Main subject teacher piano Classical Music
  • Bart van de Roer - Main subject teacher piano Classical Music, section representative Piano Classical Music
  • Roderigo Robles de Medina - Section representative piano Classical Music


Admission requirements

Check here on the admission page which steps you need to take and which admission requirements you need to meet.
You can find the admission requirements of Classical Piano here.



Interested? Mail your questions to piano@codarts.nl.