Double bass

As a double bass player, you have a supportive role in music. You need to be able to cooperate well with fellow students and with the other instrumentalists. We see this reflected in our class: it is an honest class. For our students, friendship and support are important values. Together, we create a beautiful atmosphere.


Why study Double Bass at Codarts?

We work as a team, we study together. Considering the high level of competition in the field of classical music, we are happy to see that we succeeded in building a vibrant and happy bass class. We feel that you should enjoy what you are doing, that is why we take care of the psychological and mental aspects of your student life. We, as teachers (see below), are all performers, but come from different places, have different educational and work experience. Together we offer the whole picture of life as a professional bass player. We have a strong connection to the professional world, and are proud of our successful alumni.

Codarts allows you to not only be yourself, but also invites you to develop a strong identity. At the same time, you have to take responsibility yourself for your growth in the double bass profession.

Good to know: Codarts owns a lot of double basses that you can use for studying.



The five or six bass concerts we play each year offer opportunities for all levels, from Bachelor’s to Master’s, to perform in the same concert. These concerts are of a high level; we demand a lot from ourselves. Yet they are not only occasions to listen and give feedback, but also to have fun and take away the tension of performing.

On top of regular lessons, we have an orchestral class together once or twice a month. You can also have individual orchestral expert lessons, especially if you are preparing for an audition. We think it’s interesting to let different perspectives come together and ask questions that make you think, especially when we work in an ensemble. We also teach you how to practice and how to use your time intelligently and efficiently.

We inspire you with master classes by great bassists such as Joel Quarrington, Bozo Paradzik and Giuseppe Ettorre. Additional inspiration you may find by listening to the world class Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, performing just next door at concert hall De Doelen. Besides studying chamber music, you also participate in challenging and diverse orchestral projects in Codarts or De Doelen. For example, you can perform with singers or mix opera and circus. You can build your own project from Codarts’ diverse offering: classical music, jazz, world music, tango and even circus.

In the fourth year, as well as for the final exam you do a lecture recital. This is a mix of music history, harmony, and instrument study. The exam consists not only of playing, but also of analysing and talking to the audience.



  • Luis Cabrera Martín - Main subject teacher double bass
  • Matthew Midgley - Main subject teacher double bass
  • Ximo Clemente - Main subject teacher double bass, Department representative double bass

Admission requirements

Check here on the admission page which steps you need to take and which admission requirements you need to meet.
You can find the admission requirements of Classical Double Bass here.



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