Admission requirements Percussion


  • •     Sufficient affinity with the instrument and its repertoire
  • •     Sufficient possibilities for development
  • •     Show of sufficient drive to study and enthusiasm for music and instrument



  • An étude or concert piece at a level comparable to, for example: H. Knauer – Paukenschule nr. 34, R. Hochrainer – Etüden für Timpani nr. 15, The Friese Lepak (tune by yourself), Nick Woud – Symphonic studies for timpani
  • The tuning of the timpani will be assessed



  • Études and concert pieces at a level comparable to, for example: M. Peters – Intermediate Snare Drum Studies; Zegalsky – from nr. 35, A. Cirone – Portraits in Rhythm; C. Wilcoxon – All American Drummer; ’26’ Rudiments, Heating the rudiments; Gerard van der Kolk – Mix for Max; Technical exercises from M. Peters – Developing Dexterity for Snare Drum; G.L. Stone – Stick Control
  • Playing a prima vista will be assessed


Marimba and/or vibraphone

  • Concert pieces or études at a level comparable to, for example: the Keiko Abe repertoire, the concert pieces from Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba, or a movement from a cello suite by Bach
  • Knowledge of scales and seventh chords will be assessed
  • Vibraphone is not mandatory