Toelatingseisen Pop zang master

In judging the audition for the main subject of Vocals, we are looking for talent, creativity, personality and educability. Possessing a vision (on who you are, where you want to go, how will you get there?) is highly valued as well. Furthermore, a good motivation for choosing this study programme will also be appreciated. For your audition you’ll have to prepare 3

songs; preferably three recent ones of your own, but if you choose to do one or more covers, make sure to make them your ‘own’! We’re not looking for copycats!


  • Playing with your own band is preferred.


We will also check your vocal range for different sound colours and your harmony skills: are you able to harmonize a certain melody on the spot?

  • Knowledge of basic music-theory and sight-reading
  • Good musical ear
  • Reasonable command of a harmonic instrument (piano/guitar)
  • Good command of the Dutch language (only applies to Dutch-speaking students) and the English language
  • Vision on music and your future within the field
  • Being able to work at a basic level with a sequence programme, and owning a laptop with a DAW programme
  • Good energy and charisma on the stage
  • The result of the theory test will be taken into consideration in the judgement