Contract tips

Note the following before you sign a contract.

Rental contracts are usually written in Dutch. Read them carefully before signing. If in doubt, ask someone for advice.

Things to watch out for in the lease:

  • Can you use the address of your living space and rental agreement to register with the municipality?
  • Besides paying the rent in advance for one or two months, sometimes a deposit is required. What are the conditions for getting that deposit back?
  • A previous tenant may ask for a takeover charge to compensate for improvements made. You are not obliged to do so.
  • Sometimes a key money is asked for. You don't have to pay that (it's even against the law).
  • Who is responsible for repairs inside and on the property?
  • What is the notice period of the contract and does cancellation affect your security deposit?
  • Are pets allowed? Are you allowed to host guests? Are you allowed to play music?
  • Are energy and other charges included in the rent (water, gas, electricity, etc.)? If not, find out how much these charges are per month.

If energy and water are included in the rent, you have to pay an advance for them. Does the contract specify how things will be settled after the contract expires?