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Codarts rises against sexual violence

Codarts actively fights sexual violence.

Codarts rises against sexual violence

Codarts actively fights sexual violence. “We want everyone in our educational community – more than a thousand students of 65 nationalities and some 420 employees – to take responsibility for a culture in which sex is based on equality and mutual consent”, says Executive Board chair Wilma Franchimon. “It is self-evident that we will co-sign the Amnesty International manifesto ‘Let’s Talk About YES’.” This took place on Monday 14 March. Codarts is the first university for the arts to have co-signed the manifesto.

Amnesty International calls upon institutes of higher education to commit to human rights by pledging to better protect their educational community against sexual violence. The manifesto – which lists steps towards better prevention, support, and policy – is a result of research commissioned by Amnesty International. This research shows that many students are affected by sexual violence.

In compliance with the manifesto, Codarts will make sure that:

  • all students can take part in workshops that have proven to be effective in pushing back sexual violence;
  • all students are kept informed of our help and reporting facilities, of our Rules of Conduct, and of laws with regard to sexual violence;
  • employees who are frequently in contact with students will be trained to adequately deal with issues involving sexual violence;
  • our reporting and complaints procedure is available to everyone in our educational community;
  • everyone who has a role in the complaint procedure will receive adequate training;
  • we involve students in the further development and implementation of this pledge.