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Circus Arts graduation groupshow: Life2

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Circus Arts

Circus Arts graduation groupshow: Life2

We invite you to join us for the group show of the fourth year students of the bachelor Circus Arts on
23 (try-out), 24 & 25 February 2023.

 Life is a square.
One side is bordered by time: your birth, your death, the events that come in between. One side is drawn by all the meetings you will make: the loves, the friends and enemies, the passing strangers that transform your view.
The other 2 sides, connecting immaterial time and material flesh, are mysteries made up of the spiritual and profane movements arising from nowhere, leading somewhere unimagined a day before.
In the vast and crowded space of possibilities - there is a tiny square for your life. Yes. It's unstable, too short, and at some point it will be in the wrong place for what you hoped to do. Sometimes you stand in this square all alone, sometimes you crowd everyone you know inside of it. Sometimes you celebrate there and jump for joy. Sometimes it is a dark secret box.
This is your house. This is your flying carpet. This is your chessboard. Make your move.
7 circus artists, move through a nearly empty space - in the middle is a suspended platform - a place to jump to and from, a swing, a door into the unknown.
They spend their energy to rise and fall, meet and hide away.
Sometimes everything fits. Sometimes chaos is the best fit.

Daniel Gulko (director)

Fourth year students 22/23
Joe Baker
Lucas Chacón Rodríguez
Malte Gerhardt
Luise Hoffmann
Natalia Koskela
Benedikt Löffler
Fidel Rott


St. Jobsweg 3
3024 EH Rotterdam

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