Admission requirements Pop vocal leadership

Main subject exam in Rhythmic Choir Conducting



  1. Self-chosen concert piece with focus on the musical expression. This part is a video recording documenting the applicant's work with a vocal ensemble, consisting of at least 12 singers and at least 4 voices, at intermediate/advanced level. Requirements for the recording: An unedited recording of the piece with fixed camera in HD quality and with good sound in stereo. The camera is showing the conductor from the side and a little bit of the choir.
  2. Detailed work on a self-chosen arrangement with a choir that is present during the audition (e.g. intonation, dynamics, sound, groove). This is a new piece for the singers, different in expression and style from the concert piece.
  3. A set assignment for rehearsal, provided by Fontys (one week of preparation time).


Duration: 45 minutes for A) + B) + C). Applicant keeps time and decides on length of the different aspects.

  • The applicant submits the link to the video onto Osiris Application.
  • The applicant submits a copy of material in .PDF-files (scores, lyrics, etc.) for a) and b) onto Osiris Application.


Interview, singing, and piano

An interview with the applicant will take place after the audition. In connection with the interview, a test in piano and singing will be conducted.


  1. A self-chosen song, sung to own accompaniment on piano.
  2. A rhythmic piano piece (no singing) of own choice.
  3. A Prima Vista: sight-reading for piano and singing.