Admission requirements classical composition



  • Suifficent affinity with the instrument and its repertoire
  • Sufficient possibilities for developments
  • Show of sufficient drive to study and enthusiasm for music and instrument

Candidates are required to submit at least three own works that show the stylistic development (written scores, video, audio – all media are welcome), description of the works (pdf) and motivation letter (A4); these works must demonstrate sufficient talent in composition. 

Submission of composition portfolio:

  • Please submit your composition portfolio via
  • Use as the recipient under “Email to”
  • Under “Title” indicate bachelor or master, the department (Classical Music or Jazz), Composition portfolio admissions, and your name
    For example, “Bachelor Classical Music: Composition portfolio – admissions – [Name and Surname]”
  • Please also insure that your name and surname is clearly indicated on all files, your motivation letter and other media.

Live Audition
The live audition will be a discussion with the committee about your compositional portfolio which you have submitted that includes your own works, scores, arrangements and motivation letter. You do not need to prepare any practical performance on your instrument.