Admission requirements Classical Music cello master


  • Suifficent affinity with the instrument and its repertoire
  • Sufficient possibilities for developments
  • Show of sufficient drive to study and enthusiasm for music and instrument


  • Three movements of a cello suite by Bach 
  • A movement of a sonata and a movement of a concerto 
  • One composition in virtuosic style (a shorter character piece) 
  • One contemporary composition, preferably with extended playing style. 

Master's curriculum guideline per year

  • In addition to Artistic Research repertoire, preparing: 
  • A classical concert, at least Haydn D. 
  • A romantic concert of your choice, preferably Dvorak and/or Schumann. 
  • Preparing for auditions in collaboration with orchestra part studies 
  • Developing an artistic profile, visible in repertoire choices and minors/secondary subjects/internships/concerts 

Final exam Master 

  • Only full compositions, means all movements of a composition. 
    Exeption: a Bach suite could be performed as a smaller set of movements with a minimum of three movements. 
  • The choice of program is free within the duration of one hour. 
    We welcome classical repertoire, cross over and contemporary compositions.  
  • Chamber music can be part of the exam repertoire, also for Bachelor exams, up to 25-35% of the total duration, depending on the individual- and total technical challenge of the piece.