Admission requirements Pop keys

Please prepare the following. We will make a selection during your entrance exam:


  • Show at least a level of a graduate BM keys student
  • Playing a classical piece (level: Bach – two-part inventions or Kleine Präludien und Fughetten).
  • Playing a song from the jazz repertoire (with band).
  • Playing a song from the pop repertoire (with band; employing different sounds).
  • Performing one’s own composition.
  • Sight reading of simple sheet music (notes and chords).
  • Repeating chords and melodic excerpts by ear.
  • Improvising over a given chord progression.
  • Playing a few major and minor (authentic, melodic and harmonic) scales over 2 octaves.
  • The applicant is able to convincingly explain the focus of his/her research topic/project and the connection and relevance to both the keys, the craft and the pop practice.