Admission requirements drums

  1. a clear and consequent technical approach of the drum set (matched grip/traditional grip or both, your choice)
  2. a basic knowledge of rudiments and snare drum exercises
  3. a groove oriented way of playing, be it in a band situation or with a backing track (band is the standard)
  4. an open mind in regard to electronics, sequencing, hybrid playing (acoustic drums in combination with samples)
  5. a sense of genre and style with possibly a preferred style present but with an open mind for others genres
  6. some experience with playing other instruments like piano, bass, guitar or others, thus having an interest in the harmonic side of music
  7. a basic ability to read music a prima vista and experience with reading drum charts
  8. an open mind for developments in pop music, be it backbeat based music or other genres (pop music was never the same thing, was it)
  9. the ability to play with dynamics and the ability to differentiate between straight and shuffled feel
  10. having a creative mindset that is able to do research and develop rather than just 'study exercises’