Admission requirements bass guitar

The judging of the bass guitar admission exam will take account of talent, eagerness and ability to learn, creativity and individuality. In addition, (band) experience, musical interest, technique, musical ear, theoretical knowledge and reading notes are important. Moreover, you need to have a good motivation behind your choice of this study. At the admission audition you play 2 to 3 songs, preferably with as “broad” an orientation as possible (in various styles). Playing with your own band is preferred.



  • Ability to play major and minor scales in all keys.
  • Reasonable left and right-hand technique is a requirement.

Musical ear:

  • Hear the difference between major and minor chords.
  • Be able to repeat bass line by singing and play it on your bass.
  • Search for key and play along with a track by ear.

Reading notes:

  • Sight reading and playing chords over a number of bars.
  • Sight reading and playing notes over a number of bars.


  • Your vision of music and your future.
  • Your motivation to go to the conservatoire.