Admission Requirements Guitar

During the audition we focus on your talent.


We do that by:

  • Letting you play 2, maximum 3 songs.
  • In addition to the general solfège test, we do some hearing tests by letting you play over a random chord or chord change. We will ask you to copy a melody by ear. 
  • We might do some general tests on the instrument like playing scales, inversions and read a melody or some chord symbols.


What we grade:

  • Affinity with the styles you play and with jazz music particular.
  • Your ability to improvise and comp.
  • Your hearing.
  • Your timing, sound, intonation and use of dynamics.
  • The technical level on the instrument. · Your presentation, and interaction with the music/band.
  • If you are able to participate in an educational music programme.


We want you to prepare at least 3 tunes of which 2 have to be jazz standards. Jazz blues and rhythm changes are supposed to be present in your repertoire. Try to be diverse in your choice, so different tempo, feel etc. An original composition/arrangement is appreciated but not obligatory. Bring good charts for the rhythm section.

Also prepare three pieces from this repertoire list (melody and chords, improvisation not necessary. 

The school provides: 

  • A rhythm section (bass, drums plus optional guitar).
  • A guitar amp.


The audition lasts 30 minutes including our consultation.