Clusters Bachelor Dance


It is the objective of Codarts to ensure that at the end of their education aspiring young dance artist have received a fully integrated training that will give them the advantages they will need to succeed in the working field. Those goals are achieved through the practice and technical based cluster Dancer/Performer incorporating the modules Performance Practice, the dance techniques ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz and emerging techniques, and Body Awareness and Conditioning. The cluster Dancer/Performer therefore fully integrates dance techniques, a high level of technical ability, choreographic work, performance and well-being to educate the contemporary dancer.

Codarts seeks to facilitate the emerging dancer’s journey into new experiences of professionalism, creating, producing and performing through support, coaching and fluidity with insight, innovation, respect and openness. Guest choreographers, répétiteurs, permanent teachers, facilitators, production personal and staff at Codarts are fully supportive and bring with them a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion for the craft of performance.

In the end we hope to give young dancers the bases to work within the present dance world in the freelance dance scene or any contemporary/modern dance company they choose. And ultimately that they have long and successful careers.



The focus of this pillar lies firmly on the students’ artistic and creative development.

The module Performance Creative Skills consists of improvisation and composition classes, drama, Laban Movement Analysis, Art and Dance, Creation and Reflection weeks, collaborative projects and own work by students.

Within this pillar students gain more in-depth knowledge of their individual talent, personality, creative capacity, their investigative and reflective attitude, and dance signature. An important aim of this part of the programme is that students learn to apply this knowledge in different ways and contexts and are able to continuously investigate, adapt, and open themselves up to new movement philosophies and dance trends within the current field of dance and choreography.

Beside faculty teachers a variety of guest teachers and choreographers contribute to the diversity of this programme. The students create and investigate in a safe environment but are also regularly exposed to public performances in theatres, museums, festivals, and competitions. In the module Artistic Research students bridge and connect theory, are challenged in critical thinking, find links between the various curriculum items and develop their individual trajectory and self-values.


Contextual studies

These studies, consisting of the modules Music Theory, Dance History and MPP (Maximizing Performance Program), are fully integrated into the degree as contextual studies which are designed to support and enrich the practice of dance and the dance practice curriculum offered at Codarts. These subjects also ensure that the quality and level of the bachelor degree in dance is compliant with current qualifications of accredited arts bachelors in the Netherlands and Europe. 

The contextual studies also help to give the student the tools to position themselves within the current dance world with the knowledge of the past, the present and the possible developments of dance in the future. These studies achieve this by teaching the student to find foundation and a starting point from the past, traditions and to develop tools to be able to place the present within its contextual whole. In this age of the ‘me culture’ and were all possibilities are available to the young these studies are important by allowing the student the ability and space to think beyond boarders of limited frameworks of the arts and dance.



This cluster contains the modules ‘Orientation & Practice’, ‘Professional Development’ and ‘Internship’. These modules all relate to the professional field of dance yet in different forms and scopes.

Various classes, workshops, activities, evaluations, assignments and coaching are elements within this cluster with the aim to create understanding about the professional field, how to navigate within it ánd the students their possible and desired position within it.

The students gain practical knowledge and skills, are encouraged to undertake various (study) activities and are given the chance to reflect on their own artistic profile and create personal (audition) material. The idea is to stimulate the students their ability to profile themselves and adopt an entrepreneurial attitude with their personal ambition, profile and potential as the starting point.

An overarching focus point and therefor something that connects and directs the modules ‘Orientation  &  Practice’ and  ‘Professional Development’  in the first 3 years of study, is the aim to guide and equip the students towards finding a suitable and desired internship position for their 4th study year.  An internship that relates to the students possibilities, ambitions, interests and skills.

While being on internship the student will continue to work on all the aspects mentioned above in an integrated way and will be guided towards finding a job as a professional within the field both from a practical and artistic point of view.