The Department of Composition at Codarts is an interfaculty in which the disciplines of Classical Composition, Jazz Composition/Arranging and Electronic Composition work closely together. The main mission of the Codarts Composition Interfaculty (CCI) is to offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to creatively explore the many styles and possibilities of today's diverse international musical landscape. Based on a sound knowledge of techniques and traditions, we encourage the development of students' own musical and artistic ambitions.

Why study Composition at Codarts?

  • Our teachers are all working as composers in professional practice. Each of them has their own musical background and compositional playing field. Thus the teaching team offers a broad musical and stylistic spectrum.
  • Within both the bachelor's and master's programmes, you have the opportunity to take lessons from various composition teachers (Classical, Jazz, Electronic and Film Music) and to collaborate with Codarts students from other departments such as Classical Music, Jazz, Pop, World Music, Dance and Music Theatre.
  • In the Electronic Music Studio you are welcome to work and take classes there, and there is also the opportunity to get acquainted with digital visual techniques.
  • In the Film Scoring Studio you can work on your skills in recording and mixing film music, and you will learn how to deal with high-quality digital virtual orchestration. 
  • You will work frequently on projects, both within Codarts and with institutes and ensembles in the field. Within the CCI there are project weeks in which many other Codarts study programmes are involved and where crossovers are created in a focused way. The CCI also regularly seeks connections with relevant parties outside Codarts so that students can build up a multidisciplinary network. For example, there are opportunities to combine your work with visual techniques through film projects with the Willem de Kooning Academy, or to develop your skills in writing for theater through music theater projects with the Theaterschool Amsterdam.
  • The CCI collaborates with various ensembles/projects such as Opus 111, Doelen Ensemble, Opera Forward Festival, Blind Date, Radio Philharmonisch Orkest, Codarts Big Band, Domestica, Metropole Orkest, Riciotti Ensemble. Students also organize several of their own concerts each year (in the series 'From Behind The Score' and 'Work In Progress') to experience what it is like to be fully responsible for the total organization of a concert.



You have a choice of 4 directions:

  • Acoustic composition bachelor / master
  • Electronic composition bachelor / master
  • Jazz composition / arranging bachelor / master
  • Film music composition master



  • Hans Koolmees, main subject teacher in Classical composition
  • Robin de Raaff, main subject teacher in Classical composition
  • Friso van Wijck, main subject teacher in Classical composition
  • René Uijlenhoet, main subject teacher in electronic composition
  • Josué Amador, main subject teacher in ensemble improvisation/home recording
  • Meriç Artaç, faculty representative of Classical composition
  • S'yo Fang, main subject teacher in jazz composition
  • Han Otten, main subject teacher in film composition
  • Erik de Reus, main subject teacher of film composition recording/mixing
  • Paul M. van Brugge, faculty representative of Jazz & Film composition


Admission requirements

See here on the admission page what steps you need to go through and what admission requirements you need to meet.
The admission requirements of the Composition Department can be found here



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