Admission requirements Harp


  • Suifficent affinity with the instrument and its repertoire
  • Sufficient possibilities for developments
  • Show of sufficient drive to study and enthusiasm for music and instrument



  • Technique: scales over the entire harp with different accents, three part closely played broken chords, four part closely played broken chords with varying accents, arpeggio in seventh chord over the entire harp
  • Etudes: One etude by Pozzoli, Studi di media difficolta per arpa, one etude by Bochsa or one sonata by Naderman, Sept sonates progressives
  • Pieces: free choice, at least at the level of A. Hasselmans, Feuilles d’automne; J.L. Dussek, from Six Sonatines; M. Grandjany: Automne
  • One work should preferably be played from memory