Codarts Rotterdam

C2 voorstelling: Come in, Make yourself at home

Korzo Theater Den Haag

C2 voorstelling: Come in, Make yourself at home

De tweedejaarsstudenten van Codarts Circus Arts verzorgen op 24 & 25 maart een spectaculaire show in Korzo Theater, Den Haag.


`Come in, make yourself at home`

- Come in, Make yourself at home

- Oh thank you
Oh wait. Home?

I feel home with the dog of my grandfather and when I listen to the Beatles

and        putting a vinyl on


children’s drawings    and   with my dog, mum and siblings       and
on dirty trains     and      Doing boardgames after a meal and     Cereals
rellenos de Mercadona and being in the forest on a sunny day    and
knowing where my toothbrush is    and    Nature Valley hemp seed
granola    and     mountains    and    listening to musicand singing on it
and   smelling the food that my mom did   and   the cold and the smell of my
dad's garage        and   the smell of palo santo   and    listening to my dad
play the piano   and   my sister’s voice

- Mmmh, great.
I’m happy to hear that you have the ability to feel at home…

C2 Codarts Circus Arts
Cléa Anderfuhren
Sam Balthasar
Clarisse Baudoin
Emma Cartron
Sequoia van Ekeren
Shea Finkelstein
Charlotte Hofer
Clara Jönsson
Tom Laurent
Lily Nolan
Tatjana Sommer


Director: Klaus Jürgens
Assistant director and in charge of circography: Aurélia Brailowsky
Scenography: Bas Kortmann

Light engineering: Edwin van Steenbergen
Sound engineering: Huib Elenbaas
Rigging: Nikolay Pyasta, Roshan Bhalotra
Production: Vivian Hendriks


On March 25, the show will take place at 15:00 and 19:00.

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