Toelatingseisen Jazz trompet master


  • Sufficient affinity with the instrument and the accompanying repertoire
  • Sufficient development opportunities
  • Intrinsic motivation for further research on the instrument in relation to your work and practice



  • The ability to play the major/minor melodic/minor harmonic scales in all keys
  • Play one classical trumpet etude (for example from Duhem, Arban, Charlier). It does not have to be a very demanding etude in terms of speed or range, but play it musically with good sound and intonation and with a clear attack
  • Play 3 tunes (in different tempo's and different tonalities) from the traditional jazz repertoire (theme + improvisation) and bring charts for the rhythm section in case you will play less generally known tunes. An original composition by yourself is very welcome, in that case please bring clearly written charts for the rhythm section or bring a recording of you playing your own composition.Alternate different rhythms with short solos and breaks
  • The committee will ask you to sightread a chart during the audition, and to improvise by ear on some chord progressions
  • The applicant is able to convincingly explain the focus of the applicants research topic/project and the connection and relevance to both the trumpet, the craft and the jazz practice.