Toelatingseisen Jazz piano master

The applicant presents a performance by playing 2 to 3 improvised pieces from the jazz repertoire (American song book) and various technical and/or classical pieces. This performance needs to contain both solo performance and trio performance. Optionally the applicant may choose to perform one composition by the applicant. By doing so;

  • the applicant demonstrates a talent for - and affinity with - the jazz piano practice in terms of repertoire (e.g. jazz standards and originals by key players and composers) and styles - both traditional (blues, swing, bebop, hard bop), contemporary (e.g. free jazz, jazz rock, fusion, odd meter) and world music informed jazz practices (e.g. Brazilian, Cuban, Indian. Middle Eastern).
  • the applicant shows the ability to sight-read a simple theme (two hands, melody with chord symbols)
  • the applicant convincingly demonstrates knowledge and skill of/in jazz practice and the ability to apply these creatively in improvisation in various contexts.
  • the applicant is able to play simple chord combinations and express their knowledge of the 'basic' jazz voicings and their application on the basis of chord symbols.
  • the applicant demonstrates a strong connection to the instrument (the piano) by presenting:
    • Major and minor scales and broken chords
    • Etudes: choose from C. Czerny, Die Schule der Geläufigkeit op.299 (Leipzig s.a., Peters Verlag) or etudes of an equivalent grade
    • Polyphony: play a two-part invention by J.S. Bach or another work
  • the applicant is able to convincingly explain the focus of the applicants research topic/project and the connection and relevance to both the piano, the craft and the jazz practice.