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"It takes a village to raise a child", as the saying goes. The same is true for the development of professional talent within the performing arts. Music, dance, circus arts, and art education are professions that ask a lot, physically and mentally. One has to take appropriate steps to prevent performance-related injuries and to enhance training and performance. And it takes more than the individual to achieve this. It "takes a village" to create a nurturing environment with the highest potential for success. Here at Codarts, we are that village for students and their talent.

Codarts is committed to providing its talented students with every opportunity to acquire the right knowledge, skills and tools to shape their personal development and to maximise their potential. The university aims to foster performing artists who are optimally prepared, both physically and mentally, for a successful, healthy and sustainable career: artists who are able to manage the demands of the ever changing professional world.

With Student Life we offer an excellent programme to help students grow as artists, supporting them with a dedicated team of professionals with a background in performing arts or elite sports. We advocate a ‘Team Around the Artist’ approach, meaning that the student is at the centre and is supported by a team of leading health practitioners, teachers, study coaches, embedded scientists and support staff.

The professional world of performing arts revolves around excellence, which means there are high demands on every level. As a performing artist, it is therefore necessary to have good insight into your own physical and mental possibilities and limitations. Codarts promotes and supports responsible work and performance practices that will allow our students to get the most out of their talent and performance in a healthy and sustainable way.

About Student Life

Student Life is a high quality student support programme, that enables them to realise their full potential and have a successful and joyful study career. Student Life offers information, education, guidance and care in areas relating to performance enhancement, personal development, injury prevention and general well-being.

We offer services ranging from housing assistance, insurance guidance, medical screenings as well as nutritional and psychological counselling. Our team consists of: a Performing Arts Health Centre team (PAHC), study coaches, a student counsellor and an international office. We work in close collaboration with colleagues such as embedded scientists, teachers and the artistic staff, who are familiar with the high standards of the profession. As we are committed to support the individual learning needs of all students, we recognise the diversity of disciplines within performing arts and within different cultural backgrounds.

Our Student Life programme is built on four interconnected pillars: screening, education, support services & facilities, and research & development. Student Life works closely together with Codarts’ professorship Performing Arts Medicine and the various Bachelor and Master programmes. This “Team Around the Artist”- approach is vital in successfully supporting our students.

“The Commission is impressed by the Student Support department Student Life and the professorship of Performing Arts Medicine launched in 2014. According to the Commission, especially this approach of study career coaching and attention to health in relation to performance is extraordinary and very relevant to the profession.”

– Conceptual report visitation panel Bachelor Music and Music in Education, June 2016.

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