Codarts Rotterdam

Research Day Master of Arts Therapies

Kruisplein 26, Rotterdam

Research Day Master of Arts Therapies

September 29, the annual Research Day of our Arts Therapies department takes place. A day full of lectures and workshops with the theme: Research on Emotion Regulation in Dance and Music Therapy.

Research on Emotion Regulation in Dance and Music Therapy   

 This years’ research day will focus on the role of Dance and Music therapy for the development of emotion regulation. Presenters will address themes as: How is emotion regulation approached through Dance and Music? What does research say about the evidence for effectivity of dance therapy and music therapy? Which research findings support the clinical practice and contribute to our professional knowledge? 

Invited guests will deliver presentations on research on emotion regulation in dance therapy and music therapy. Interactive workshops will offer the opportunity to explore research procedures focusing on emotion regulation in dance and music therapy and how to develop suitable research procedures and structures. Codarts MAT students will present their take on research.   

We consider the dynamic exchange with our network partners of vital importance for the professional future of our students, which is why we would like to open this day for internship supervisors of our students and participants from the broader professional field of dance and music therapy. Also, our alumni are welcome to join us for this day.  

Participation in this day is free of fee. Please register to reserve your place by sending an e-mail to

Accreditation with the FVB register to be confirmed.