Mutlu Kizilgedik


Mutlu_Kizilgedik_Codarts_World_Music_Turkish_Music_Bağlama_sazMutlu Kızılgedik was born in Istanbul on 17 February 1987. He originally came from the province of Muş. He saw the Bağlama for the first time in the hand of his father. He gained inspiration from him.

Kızılgedik started playing Bağlama when he was 11. Before his high school education he took a lot of lesson from different teachers. When he was 16 he started to accompany music bands and artists during festivals in Turkey and Europa.

He started to study music education at Istanbul University. After one year he decided to go to the Netherlands and restarted his music education at Codarts Rotterdam. During his study he played primary with Augsburger Philharmoniker(Concerto for Bağlama by Kemal Dinç), Nederlands Blazers Ensemble. He graduated in 2013 at Codarts.

Since September 2013 he works as a teacher at Codarts.



2013- Concerto for Bağlama with Augsburger Philharmoniker

2015- Nederlands Blazers Ensemble





Why do you believe students should come to Codarts?

"Because they can improve their instruments and musical skills, repertoires and aspects. They learn knowledge deeply. Also they work and share their experience with other great musicians. They get to know about others world musicians."

What are you going to teach them?

"I am going to teach them firstly traditional techniques, informations and repertoires on long neck Baglama. Besides that some etudes to improve their techniques. Than some repertoires on different tunning (abdal duzeni, misget duzeni, fidayda, müstezat etc.) and others playing styles like Selpe, kopuz than finally I will try to help them to find their own ways."