Admission requirements Music Theatre.

  • You are required to sing four music theatre songs in at least two languages, including Dutch:
    • 1 legit (light classical, for example classical aria, West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera, Elisabeth);
    • 1 belt song (for example I dreamed a dream, Les Misérables, Why God Why, Miss Saigon);
    • 1 vaudeville song;
    • 1 up tempo or own choice/preference
  • Please bring with you legible sheet music (an accompanist will be present)
  • You must be able to recite a one-minute monologue from memory (a half page A4, in Dutch). Text monologue: Monoloog auditie.
  • For the Dialoog audition you will have to study this:
  • Shakespeare Auditie Part 1
  • Shakespeare Auditie Part 2
  • For the dance audition you must wear a suitable dance outfit

Theory/hearing test


  • adequate command of music notation, i.e. capable of reading/writing in G-clef
  • be capable of identifying notated intervals; determine intervals according to a given tone
  • knowledge of major and minor scales (tones and key signature)
  • be able to recognize notated major, minor, diminished and augmented triads; also being able to construct these chords based on a given tone

Ear and rhythm training

  • an applicant’s musicality will be assessed by
    • identifying intervals (which interval is being played?)
    • root identification (find the root to match the chord)
    • which variation(s) are being played in a scale/chord?
    • singing from sheet music a melody on a par with a folk tune/pop song
  • being able to reproduce from sheet music a rhythm consisting of (dotted/tied) crochet and quaver notes