Toelatingseisen Turkse Muziek


  • Familiar with basic Makams, such as Rast, Ussak, Hicaz, Nihavend: Their scale(s) and tonal centers. Knowledge of their basic seyir (melodic progression/itinerary).
  • Able to sing and/or play the basic makams, ascending and descending. Attention to intonation should be given.
  • The candidate should have general knowledge of either:
  • The repertoire and playing techniques used in regional styles of traditional Anatolian folk music (e.g. Aegean, Central, Anatolia and Teke)  


  • The repertoire and basic forms of classical Turkish music (e.g. Pesrev, Sarki, Beste, Saz Semai)



  • Prepare a programme of 10-15 minutes (2-3 pieces). The pieces should differ in terms of style/ rhythm/ form (see theory bullet point 3)
  • Candidate cannot play with ensemble, just solo or backing track.
  • Perform a Taksim from the Makam of your choice.  
  • Basic sight reading (prima vista) of a given Turkish music score.