Toelatingseisen Latin piano

General requirements
Rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic affinity with Latin music 

Technical requirements

  • Scale exercise in C major (pdf included), minimum speed quarter note at 80 BPM
  • Estudo Percussivo 1 (pdf included)
  • Sight reading of a music fragment
  • Four voice-chord voicing for 11-V-I progressions in all keys



  • lmprovise over basic jazz chord progression like 11-V-I and typical chord progressions like 1-IV-V
  • Choose at least 1 piece where there is room for extended improvisation


Classical repertoire
Choose and perform one of the following works:

  • Ernesto Nazareth (e.g. Odeon, Brejeiro etc)
  • lgnacio Cervantes: 40 Danzas Cubanas
  • Bach (two or three-part invention)
  • Chopin (Mazurka or Waltz)
  • Hayden or Mozart Sonata


Playing together
lf possible, play with a backing track. The repertoire has to consist of one Afro-Cuban (Tanga by Mario Bauzá or comparable) and one Brazilian piece (Corcovado, Berimbau or comparable) in which the role of the pianist as an accompanist can be heard. You will have to prepare three ensemble pieces ofwhich two will be chosen by the committee.

Alternatively, play-along tracks from 'Muy Caliente' (R. Mauleón) and 'The Brazilian Workshop' (N. Faria) can be used.

Latin Music Theory
Part of your audition also consists of Latin Music Theory