Toelatingseisen Latin music theory

Theory skills

  • Knowledge of notation in treble and bass clef, major and minor scales and their signatures, intervals
  • Triads and 7th chords, also in inversions
  • Writing down and recognizing major and minor scales, intervals, triads (major, minor, diminished and augmented) and church modes.
  • Knowledge of the symbols of all the major, minor, dominant, half diminished and diminished 7th chords.
  • Rudimentary knowledge of the extensions (9, 11, 13)
  • Time signatures and rhythmical notation
  • Ability to transpose a melodie fragment


Hearing skills

  • Repeating (by singing) a simple melodie line
  • Repeating (by singing) of a bass line
  • Pick out mistakes in a notated melody
  • Singing and recognizing of major and minor scales, intervals and triads (major, minor, diminished and augmented) and church modes
  • Localizing of changes within a chord
  • Clapping and notating of rhythms
  • Notation of a melodie fragment
  • Sight reading (prima vista)